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Philip K. Dick Award Winner

M.M. Buckner 

M.M. Buckner is winner of the Phillip K. Dick Award and author of five critically acclaimed novels: Hyperthought, Neurolink/The Coin Giver, War Surf, Watermind and The Gravity Pilot, as well as a ghost-written fantasy best-seller and five nonfiction books. Her work has been published in five languages and has earned numerous accolades. Buckner holds a Master’s in Creative Writing from Boston University.

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Finalist: Philip K. Dick Award   
Winner: SESFA Award


“Dante’s Inferno goes Cyberpunk”  –  Entertainment Weekly


Winner: Philip K. Dick Award – “A treat!” C.J. Cherryh


Barnes & Noble SF Top Ten – A first-class novel!” Ben Bova


“Greatest skydive of all time.” – Spider Robinson

Nonfiction Books ghost-written by M.M. Buckner

Breaking Family Secrets
A journey of recovery from alcoholism

Bigger Than Me
An NFL player overcomes dyslexia

Crossing the Line
History of a violent Teamsters strike

Grand Rising
A woman’s victory over childhood abuse

A Generous Pour
History of Nashville’s “wild west” past

Here’s a WATERMIND trailer from the German website, Droemer Knaur: