Breaking the Block: How to Write More Abundantly

Have you ever been in that place where time seems to disappear because you’re having so much fun – and then you look up surprised to see a whole day has gone by?  That’s when you’re in the “flow,” when you’re writing freely, without judgment, with only the sheer joy of play. That is such a sweet place that I want to be there always, but it’s not always so easy. Here are the lessons I’ve learned about writing more abundantly.


If you yearn to write, then you are a writer. Believe it.
Put writing first. Write when your energy is highest.
Writing takes TIME. Give yourself time. Get up early, or stay up late.
If you’re just starting your writing journey, set a low goal at first – 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

Pick a starting time, and stick with it. Close your door. Tell your family this is your private time.
Eliminate distractions: turn off the TV, get a babysitter, unplug the phone.
Use “free writing” to loosen up. Write fast, without thinking. Write about anything.
Don’t force yourself to be brilliant. Give yourself permission to write junk.
Don’t worry about mistakes. You can fix them later.
Go off on tangents. Follow strange paths. Allow yourself to PLAY.
Don’t show your work to anyone until you feel ready.
Take walks just to think.
Join – or start – a writing group. Meet often, and support each other.
Read the best writing you can find: the classics, the award winners, the authors you love.
Take writing workshops. They’ll inspire you.
Read books and articles about writing craft.
Writing takes PRACTICE. Keep playing. Keep believing.
Notice the improvements in your skills, and feel proud.
As you find your groove, your writing time will naturally increase.
You will become prolific.